Joe and christine michaletz - river ridge shooting club

River Ridge Shooting Club

Southern Minnesota’s Premier Shooting Range.

Our passion for the outdoors, firearms and archery, along with fond memories of coming to River Ridge Gun Club for pheasant hunts, sporting clays and events with our friends and family, was the driving force behind purchasing this magnificent piece of property. We have taken over two years to research, educate ourselves, perform due diligence and plan with the utmost emphasis on safety and respect for the environment to bring this region a premier outdoor shooting range, River Ridge Shooting Club.

The former River Ridge Gun Club owners were in the market to sell and when we heard this, we saw opportunity. Joseph G. Michaletz, my husband, is a seasoned outdoorsman and hunter of all things big and small. He saw an immediate need for a long-range rifle range, allowing guests to properly prepare for a hunt and site in their firearms—something he takes very seriously—for what may be the hunt or shot of a lifetime. Also being an avid bow-hunter, he wanted to incorporate an archery element on the property for training, instruction and bow services. I developed my passion as a shooting enthusiast after my first bird hunt in 2015. I have expanded my interests in shooting to include pistols, rifles and archery and have attended handgun training at numerous facilities around the country. I am also a certified firearms instructor. I take great joy in watching new shooters gain confidence, knowledge and ability with firearms-related activities and have a vested interest in developing programs to promote shooting sports particularly with women and youth.

Our primary objective in purchasing and opening River Ridge Shooting Club is to continue the tradition established by River Ridge Gun Club in offering a scenic location to enjoy shotgun sports. We are excited to provide expanded activities with the rifle range, multiple pistol ranges as well as outdoor archery, and look forward to getting to know you at the range.

-Owners, Christine Michaletz and Joseph G. Michaletz