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Firearms at River Ridge

For the beginner to experienced shooter.

River Ridge Shooting Club’s outdoor ranges will feature areas for long-range rifle with state-of-the-art sound mitigation, pistol shooting, shotgun sports and a 14-station sporting clays course. We will also offer a wide variety of classes and instruction to educate and promote firearms safety.

With improvements and upgrades being made to our sporting clays course, we will continue the tradition many people enjoyed under the former ownership of River Ridge Gun Club. In addition, there are significant changes being made to the shotgun sports offerings with an expanded trap field.

Rifle shooters are sure to enjoy exclusive use of our rifle range, which goes out to 1,000 yards and will be available in the future to be rented by the hour. Shooting takes place from inside an enclosed shelter with concrete benches, each flanked by separation walls. The entire interior of this building is covered in state-of-the-art sound mitigation treatment material.

And for customers looking for training and practice with handguns, the pistol range will offer multiple bays with a fixed target line which will be rented for exclusive use. There will be one pistol range designated for target shooting with steel targets at varying distances. Shooters will enjoy seeing the success of hitting interactive targets from inside an enclosed shelter with a fixed firing line.