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Joseph G. Michaletz




I have been an avid outdoorsman my entire life. Participating in hunting activities is a tradition I have always enjoyed with family and friends. And enjoying the outdoors on solo hunts has deepened by my connection with nature, where I find the beautiful solitude to be a source of grounding and peace.

As a business entrepreneur with a primary focus in financial services, I am kept very busy seeking opportunities to add value to my clients. The development of River Ridge allows me to be involved with business operations while also creating a place for customers to enjoy many of the same activities I love to do in my personal life.

I certainly appreciate having access to a 1,000-yard rifle range and am happy we’ve been able to incorporate that into River Ridge Shooting Club. With our rifle range, archery range, pistol range and expanded shotgun sports, I believe we’re creating a very special place for shooting enthusiasts around our area.