River Ridge Shooting Club is pleased to announce that the installation project for sound mitigation is complete with the rifle shooting shelter, now lined with state-of-the-art sound mitigation material. River Ridge owners, Joseph G. Michaletz and Christine Michaletz researched several options to make their rifle shelter as safe and comfortable as possible as they prepare to reopen their shooting club for customers later this year.

“We ultimately decided to work with Troy Acoustics from Brunswick, GA,” said Proprietor, Joseph G. Michaletz. “They did a great job educating us on the science involved with the sound generated by gunfire and showed us how to maximize the beneficial result including surrounding the shooter with special material to absorb as much sound as possible from muzzle blast.”

Troy Acoustics has worked with many shooting ranges across the country and has their patented products installed in facilities used for military and law enforcement training. Recorded sound calculations before and after treatment installation have consistently proven a reduction in decibel measurements.

“We are excited to offer customers exclusive use of our rifle range, which goes out to 1,000 yards and will be available for rent by the hour,” Michaletz said. “We believe our investment in sound mitigation will provide a more enjoyable experience for shooters at the rifle range and also for folks utilizing other range facilities around the River Ridge property.”